How we grow your business?

Create your Floating Point (business website)

It’s a child’s play to create a business website with NowFloats. Just download the Boost app (for Android or iPhone smartphones) and fill in a few details and your site comes alive within minutes.

You update the floating point regularly

Updating the website is simply sending a message from the app. Why regularly? Because that’s how search engines attach weight to your website and push it up in importance and search results. Remember, even customers appreciate the latest information.

Your business gets discovered online and generate unique leads

Whereas you could use NowFloats LightHouse to build your customer traffic organically, we also have NowFloats WildFire which inorganically brings major spikes in your customer traffic.

You promote to get even more business

More traffic, with relevant information, means one thing: leads. Leads that more often than not get converted into more business, and more profit.

Disclaimer: This isn’t a product that works magically. It has to be updated – regularly and relevantly to your business.
If you aren’t interested in doing the work and still want the results we encourage you to try the NowFloats LightHouse with NowFloats Dictate. We’ll literally do everything.