Privacy Policy

We value our clients and their confidentiality.Your personal information is used for making the order process simple and professional. Your information is used by our team to get in touch with you and identify your individual needs.

Early Page will not provide, put up for sale, rent out, or lend any exclusive  personal information to any third party, except legally mandatory to do so or you approve us to do so.

What we collect & How we use it:

Our website’s contact form necessitates clients to give us their contact information (like their Full name and accurate email address). The client’s personal information is used to contact the client in the event of a problem while processing an order. For example, any issues related to pre-sales of the product, any product query etc. Moreover we give our client’s a choice of receiving future promotional offers during the signup process.

Early Page collects visitor personal information, like their full name, email address, contact details. We NEVER collect any of the client’s financial information, like Credit card details, expiration date etc.

What we collect is only used to get in touch with the potential client when necessary. i.e, sending promotional offers and listing based on their search history stored in cookies.